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Barnett Automotive Engineering offers a detailed and comprehensive investigative service in the following areas:

  • Forensic Analysis of Automotive Component Failure
  • Automotive Fire Cause and Origin
  • Investigation of Automotive Arson
  • Automotive Theft Validation / Forensic Key & Lock Evaluation
  • Body Shop Fraud Investigation
  • Collision Fraud Investigation
  • Organized Collision Fraud Ring Investigation
  • Low Speed Collision Analysis
  • Crash Data Recorder Event Analysis
  • Forensic Evaluation of Witness Marks
  • Subrogation Specialist on Automotive Issues

The business model at Barnett Automotive Engineering has always been complete neutrality.  A detailed and comprehensive investigation with a full analysis of all the evidence discovered is provided when the client wants to know what really happened.

The neutral analysis of the issues allows the client to make an informed decision as to the correct course of action.

Electrical Fire
Engine Fire
Auto Theft
Brae Failure
Suspension Failure
Chop Shops
Stripped for Parts
Airbag Failure
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