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In-House Forensic Training Seminars

Why In-House Forensic Training?
  • Lower training costs per person
  • No travel or lodging expenses
  • Less unavailability or down time
  • Greater training percentile rates
  • No loss of quality
  • Training program can be tailored to your exact needs
Free sample DVD of all listed Forensic DVD products available to Training Officers upon request. Please e-mail the author with name, address, and product requested.

Barnett Automotive Engineering has the following seminars available.
Contact us for further details.
Automotive Fire Forensic Analysis:

This module begins with an overview of the applicable automotive codes and standards, identification of the various types of polymeric composite plastics, determining flammability of newer polymerics, nanocomposites, flame retardants in plastics, exhaust fires, electrical fire, Ohm's law, FMVSS 302, vehicle interior fires, optional equipment fires, flammable liquids, BTU load calculation, common materials charts, fire mechanism, burn pattern and transfer temperature analysis, determining arson and accidental fire, a discussion of the fire expert in the courtroom, and the applicable Supreme Court cases that affect fire testimony admissibility.

Safety in Approaching Alternative Technology:

A must for all first responders! This module discusses the different types of alternative technology that is appearing on new vehicles and how to approach the vehicle without injury to the first responder or the passengers. Topics covered are hybrid vehicles, compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, fuel cells, hydrogen-powered engines, and all-electric vehicles. Also discussed are NFPA 52, 57, & 58, tank structure codes, and other applicable codes and standards. Includes methods of disarming dangerous components, safely defueling a leaking high pressure tank, and safety venting procedures to prevent fire or explosion, and safe extrication of passengers. Unique presentation!

Auto Theft 101: How to Steal a Car:

This module covers the entire spectrum of auto security from early lock systems to modern electronic transponders and immobilizers. Topics covered are automotive locking systems, aftermarket and OEM security systems, slim-jims, professional entry sets, tryout keys, shave keys, lock picks, park/brake interlock systems, level I & II transponder keys, key programming, and common burglary methods. Also covered are stereo systems, validation of claims for aftermarket equipment, optional equipment, surgical strips and much more. Presentation is designed to satisfy the needs of both new recruits and seasoned professionals. Easy to understand format.

Body Shop and Service Department Fraud:

Insights from an insider with over 30 years in the business. This module covers common scams for defrauding both consumers and insurance carriers, frame damage fraud detection, used-part substitution, estimate fraud, airbag fraud, mil gauges, PDI tags, VIN switches, FMVSS 581, basic vehicle structure, and much more. Also discussed are collision fraud and how to break up these fraud rings. Excellent training for insurance, police, and investigation professionals.

Proper Scene Photography and Forensic Reporting:

This module covers proper methodology and technique for scene and Forensic evidence photographing. Topics covered are film & digital photography, lighting and angles, macro & wide angle lenses and their effects on the photograph, speed flash units, photograph techniques in adverse conditions and much more. The reporting module covers common types of report forms, correct use of business and professional English, basic sentence and paragraph structure, more. Excellent training for both the new trainee or seasoned professionals.

Prices quoted are for DVD format. VHS format available upon request. VHS orders take a bit longer. Be patient. Each one has to be copied per individual order. Nobody stocks video anymore. Also, they look like a copy. Don't be a schlub. Get with the times and buy a DVD. They're cheap.
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